Benefits of Asher’s Advanced Business Development Training for Government Contractors

With so many organizations offering business development training for government contractors, why should you choose Asher?  There are plenty of reasons.  We are a long-established and respected source for development training and business development consulting, with a full team of professionals who have all spent years in government sales.  All have long track records of success and, combined, they make Asher one of the most powerful resources available for business development training.

The benefits of partnering with Asher to receive our business development training for government contractors are many, and the risks are few.  We stake our success on the success of our clients, and there are plenty of success stories to share.

When you bring in Asher for development training, you get:

Information for Contractors of All Sizes

Our team has worked with some of the largest government contractors in the world – but we’re just as happy to help newcomers make their first steps into the world of government contracting.  Our advice can be of most help to smaller groups.  We can help you get your contracting business off to the best possible start.

A Focus on Bringing New Ideas

There are many tried and true strategies for winning government contracts, but no “magic bullet” which works every time.  Successful contractors are those who have many tools in their toolbox and know how to switch between tools as needed.  Wherever your organization developmentally, we can add to your knowledge base, bringing new insights, tactics, and tools you can deploy in the years to come.

Intensive Scenario-Based Learning

Far too many government sales consultants speak only in theory and hypotheticals.  That’s often one of the biggest signs they haven’t spent much time selling in the real world.  We combine theory with practical scenario-based modules and role-playing exercises, based directly in real-world situations we have observed.  The result is sales staff and executives who are far more prepared for the actuality of winning government contracts and improving sales.

Asher Business Development Training for Government Contractors Brings Success

Large or small, we have the knowledge and the training techniques to take your operations to the next level.  Our strategies can help you boost revenues, discover new buyers, and uncover opportunities before your competition has a chance to jump on them.

To learn more about our training seminars, contact us directly online, or call (866) 834-1286.