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Government Sales Training – Should Your Small Business Be Selling to The Government?

If you are under the impression that government sales are only for large businesses, think again!  The US government offers plenty of opportunities specifically tailored for small businesses. As the largest single buyer of goods and services in the world, that means there’s room for businesses of all sizes in government sales.  Whether you’re a small LLC or even a sole-proprietorship, you could potentially get into government contract bidding.

However, as we make sure to cover in our government sales training for small businesses, just because government sales are accessible to small businesses doesn’t mean it’s easy.  As with any business venture, there are both risks and rewards.  Understanding the pros and cons can help you decide if government sales are right for your business.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Government Sales for Small Businesses

1. Benefits

The biggest benefit to working in government sales is that the US government basically buys anything and everything – and in huge quantities.  Would you like a steady customer who’ll clear out your stock regularly and keep coming back for more?  That’s an entirely possible scenario in government sales, particularly if you can attach yourself to a multi-year IDIQ contract.

Also, it’s worth keeping in mind that the government actually has mandated that they must give a certain portion of their business to small operations.  In some -but not all- cases this can make a contract bid a cakewalk if you’re the only small business bidding in a certain niche. Being a minority small business can give you access to even more small business set-asides to make contracts less competitive.

Finally, as part of that mandate, the government offers significant assistance to small businesses, including one-on-one counseling, to make the process easier.

2. Drawbacks

Selling to the government carries some risks as well.

The biggest drawback is the complicated bureaucracy.  Even the slightest mistake in filling out forms, or coding your products/services, could result in your bid being rejected.  You will have to invest significant time into navigating the red tape.

Also, for smaller businesses, profit margins can be lower than in the private sector.  Contrary to popular belief, the government doesn’t usually overpay for basic goods and services.  They’ll expect competitive pricing and have the contracts teams to enforce their rules.  The reward is in how steady their business is, not necessarily the gross profits.

Get A Head Start with Asher Government Sales Training

Our government sales training programs can help you overcome those drawbacks and get the most from government sales.  Contact us to learn more!


How To Dominate IDIQ’S Competition and Win More Task Orders

In theory, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity -IDIQ- contracts are supposed to reduce competition and maximize the probability that contractors will be able to win highly lucrative contracts.  In practice, of course, that is rarely the reality.  Competitions for IDIQ contracts are still fierce, and many companies still fail to benefit from a move into government contracting.

Asher Government offers government sales training workshops to succeed in IDIQ contracts.  We help you learn to avoid the pitfalls common to IDIQ contract bidding, and succeed while the other companies fail.

Common Pitfalls in the IDIQ Process

Asher Government is here to ensure you don’t fall prey to the same mistakes that others make.  Or if you have, we’ll see that you don’t have it happen again!

For example…

A prime spends far too much money chasing down an IDIQ vehicle win… but then lacks the resources to properly exploit it.  Or else they failed to do their homework, overspent, and ended up winning too little to actually justify their costs.  They wallow in red ink while watching their competitors grow.


A sub on an IDIQ is initially excited to be part of a team on a large contract but later discover that they are only getting the crumbs.  They only see the occasional task order requests, nothing like the orders they had expected.  They might not even hear from their prime for weeks or months, putting them so far behind their competition in understanding the government customer they couldn’t hope to prepare a winning proposal.

Asher Strategies wants you to be smarter than this.  We want you to win, while your competition gets left behind.

Be Prepared To Do What It Takes

Our strategies aren’t about just winning a task order or two, or always being the sub to someone else’s prime.  Our government sales training workshops to succeed in IDIQ contracts prepare you to be the number one contractor in your field on your IDIQ contract.  We’ll teach you the skills you need to get all the business you could possibly handle while dominating your competition.

Our training workshops show you the roadmap to mastering IDIQs and task orders.  We focus on bidding as well as getting more tasks on your current contracts.  With Asher training on your side, you can see greater success throughout your contracting. Contact us today to learn more.


3 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Bidding for a Government Contract

One of the best possible ways for a small business to grow more rapidly is to get into government contracting with existing products and services.  The US government awards contracts to operations of all sizes, and even has initiatives specifically designed to help smaller companies get their own tiny piece of that vast contracting pie.

Here at Asher Government, our government sales training programs are designed specifically to help businesses of all sizes learn how to navigate the government contracting roadmap.  We teach you and your associates the skills needed to negotiate contracts, hang onto them, and increase your orders on existing contracts.

Of course, avoiding major mistakes is a big part of this.  Here are three big problems we can help you avoid.

Three Ways to Mess Up Your Government Contract Bidding

  1. Marketing to Every Federal Agency

Trying to cast a wide net in government contracting is a good way of ensuring you catch nothing.  Your bids should be precisely targeted to individual agencies – or even individual sub-agencies – and based on deep research into their needs and processes.

Targeted bids won’t just help you identify the best fits for your own offerings.  They will also help you write a contract that’s written “in their own language” using the terminology and acronyms the agency is familiar with.  That sort of attention to detail is what wins contracts.

  1. Avoiding Face Time

No matter how the process is streamlined, government contract bidding will always be in part about who you know. Not that people can “steer” contracts to you, but you have to know what they need and offer it in your proposal at the winning price. You want to be getting as much face time with as many officials as you possibly can, gathering names and adding to your personal network of contacts.

Seek out every possible opportunity to meet in person with your buyers and LISTEN to their needs.  It will really pay off in the long run.

  1. Improper Dress

We know a lot of businesses these days like to keep their dress code casual.  Well, leave the hoodies and sneakers at the office.  Government buyers expect bidders who are dressing to impress, and will not be giving contracts to representatives who look like they wandered in off the street. This sounds like a simple thing, but learning these little things will add up to a lot more wins and long term success.

Anyone who meets face-to-face with government officers should be dressed impeccably every time.  

Asher Government Sales Training Programs Prepare You for Success

Whether you’re a newcomer to government contracting or looking for new strategies for a new era, Asher training programs and seminars help you learn the skills you need.


5 Important “Product Knowledge” Areas to Cover in Government Sales Training

For many businesses, landing the next government contract is the ultimate goal. Many times, they are lucrative, long-lasting, and are well worth the extra effort in writing a winning proposal. Landing those contracts, however, requires more than a great proposal, you have to be “in” with the customer way before the RFP is released. That’s where “Government Sales Training” comes in. At Asher, we strive to simplify the customer relationship process with some simple business development techniques proven to work in both government and commercial businesses. Read More