Find the Right Government Marketing Consultant to Improve Your Sales

When a company is looking to move from B2B or B2C into government marketing and contracts, they often look to hire a consultant to help make that transition  The world of government contracting is considerably different than public areas of business, plus the consultant can often give them a leg up by putting them in touch with valuable contacts.

However, with so many “government business development consultants” out there, how does a company pick the ones which will be worth their costs?  These are some key attributes you should look for.

Asher’s 4 Things to Look for In a Government Marketing Consultant

  • Actual Years of Experience

You know the saying, “Those who can’t do, teach?”  It can be the same with consulting.  If your consultant had only spent a few years in the work related to their consulting it may be a red flag that they were not successful. Years of longevity “in the business” can mean your government development consultant is well respected with a wide range of valuable contacts you need.

  • Their Specialties Align with Yours

The government isn’t a monolithic entity, and your government marketing strategies will need to take that into consideration.  You should be very targeted in which areas or agencies you’re likely to be presenting ideas and working contracts for. Pick a consultant who has experience with those same agencies and the exact kinds of business you are looking for.  You’ll get information which is much more relevant to your needs.

  • References, References, References

Consultants live and die by their references; how big are the companies they’ve worked with in the past, and what successes can they point to while saying “I made that possible”?  A quality business development consultant will always have a big list of accomplishments they can brag about, and be willing to supply you with contact details so you can speak to their past clients for yourself.

  • More Than Just a Rolodex

One important aspect of a government marketing consultant is that they will probably provide you with some contacts to get you started.  However, beware those who ONLY talk about their contacts.  Knowing the right people is just part of the game, and you need a consultant who can teach strategy/tactics as well.

Learn from The Best at Asher

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