Four Crucial LinkedIn Marketing Tips for Defense Contractors

Asher Government Training programs are designed to provide a full spectrum of information on how your organization can become more proficient at selling to the government.  We stay current on the latest in sales techniques and marketing tips for defense contractors so that we can continue to provide top-quality training for our clients.

One of the most recent revolutions in government marketing has come from social media.  It’s not just for B2B and B2C!  LinkedIn has increasingly become part of government purchasing programs as well, and can be another vital tool for helping you get those contracts first!

Our Tips for Defense Contractors;

1 – Optimize Your Profile for Your Target Agencies

Your LinkedIn Profile isn’t a purely factual space, it’s also your opportunity to make your first impression on the departments and agencies you’re targeting.  Write your company description to match!  Be sure to include plenty of keywords and proficiencies relevant to the contracts you’re seeking.  This will make it more likely that government buyers find you before you even have to get their attention.

2 – Demonstrate Real Thought Leadership

With over one hundred million users, standing out on LinkedIn can be difficult.  That’s where thought leadership can make the difference.  Stay up-to-date on events and trends in your industry.  Recognize good ideas coming out of other members or groups, and share them on your profile.  However, more importantly – add your own ideas.  Thought leadership means doing more than just following trends.  Put your own spin on things, and add value – even to your social posts.

3 – Join Relevant Groups – Or Make Your Own

Social media, by its nature, is not a solo effort.  You might be competing against other organizations on LinkedIn for contracts, but you should also join with them in Groups centered around your shared business interests.  This can help you establish thought leadership, and it will also build contacts you could leverage for shared contracts in the future.

4 – Always Seek Better Contacts

Leverage all the tools within LinkedIn to build contacts with decision-makers within your target departments.  This is another benefit to joining groups – you may be in a group with the very people you’re trying to impress.  It’s also worth paying for a paid subscription, for unrestricted access to the InMail messaging service.

Need more defense contracting marketing tips and advice?  Asher Strategies can help.  Contact us to discuss our seminars!