Four Ways to Identify Successful Federal Business Development Consultants

There is certainly no shortage of self-proclaimed federal business development consultants out there, all trying to latch onto your growing contracting business.  The question is, how can you tell the real pros from the wannabes?  After all, as the saying goes, “Those who can’t, teach.”

Well, there are highly-proficient federal business development consultants out there.  Finding them is a matter of asking the right questions beforehand, and being willing to follow your instincts if you don’t like the answers you’re hearing.

Four Key Aspects to Investigate Before Hiring Any Federal Business Development Consultants

1 – Competency and Experience

More than anything else, you need consultants who have genuine experience running a contracting business or, at least, have a significant record of successfully winning contacts.  Ask to see some proof that they have real-world successes to back up their claims of expertise.

Likewise, always be wary of consultants who only want to talk about their list of contacts.  “Who you know” is a major part of contracting, but it’s not everything.  You want a consultant who’s more than just a walking Rolodex.

2 – Look for Organization Conflicts of Interest (OCI)

If your potential consultant has ever worked directly for the government or the military, there’s a chance they’re under an OCI – which works much like a non-compete agreement in the B2B world.  Ask them directly if they’re under an OCI and, if so, what restrictions are on their consultancy.  It could save you considerable wasted time,

3 – Ask for A Clear Statement of Work

An above-board business development consultant will be willing to provide a statement of work that covers issues such as:

  • Services to be provided and/or scope of consultancy
  • Fees and/or fee structures
  • Any guarantees
  • Timeframe of service
  • Termination criteria

This is a common tool in the consultancy world.  Be very wary of anyone who doesn’t want to put these matters into a formal agreement.

4 – Trustworthiness

This can be difficult to gauge and may come down to gut instinct, but it’s still a crucial part of hiring a business development consultant.  You are trusting that consultant with your business’s future!  If possible, get references and contact them directly.  That can help you decide if the consultant is one you can trust.

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