Getting Small Business Government Contracts: Uncovering “Hidden” IT Spends

One of the wonderful things about seeking small business government contracts is that there is so much information on government spending available online.  When complete budgets are public information and entire websites are devoted to publishing upcoming purchasing initiatives, it can start to feel like something of a seller’s buffet.

However, that isn’t always the case when it comes to IT.  Computer spends within agencies often aren’t very well-documented, just lumped into “IT” without much other elaboration.  Also, IT spends are often a major component of classified initiatives such as cryptography research.  So, a company looking to sell computer services to the government will need to put in extra legwork to make those sales.

The experts at Asher Strategies have a few tips on the topic…

Ways to Discover “Hidden” IT Opportunities for Small Business Government Contracts

  1. Make more contacts.

Despite all the online tools available, government sales are still very much a “who do you know” game.  This isn’t just about getting contracts approved, it’s about finding out about new opportunities in the first place.  Making friends in government IT departments can get you a lot of important tips.

  1. Research other spends.

Look at public budgets carefully, and constantly ask the question “Would they need computers or software to support that purchase?”  If it seems plausible that there’d be an IT component to an otherwise innocuous-looking budget item, start putting out feelers and contacting your sources.

  1. Narrow your focus.

Obviously, some agencies are going to be more computer-focused than others.  The IRS, for example, probably has their computer needs met for the most part.  On the other hand, science-focused groups like NASA and the various military R&D groups are going to be constantly looking for hardware and software to support their ongoing initiatives.

This is a case where specialization could be a major boon.

  1. Send out an exploratory proposal or RFP.

New developments in software are coming fast and furious, and it is unlikely government agencies are all keeping up.  Try putting together a “new idea” sales presentation for a small list of agencies needing your services. Be president to get your idea in front of the decision makers to show them what’s possible with your solution. Even if they don’t buy right away, you will get some great feedback, they will expand their knowledge of your offerings, and pave the way for future successes.

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