Close More Government Contracts, More Often, and for Higher Revenue

Highly Targeted Business Development Training Designed Specifically for Federal Government Contractors

You know that with the government moving from issuing many smaller new contracts to larger government-wide contract vehicles, your business development emphasis needs to move from pursuing lots of proposals, to maximizing your revenue on your existing vehicles. Asher government business development training makes sure that your front-line people have the knowledge to be alert for new sales opportunities, the customer service skills to make you the go-to company, and the management processes to prioritize your BD work to maximize your growth.

Are you ready to invest in optimizing your government business development skills, tools, and processes? Our training works for:

  • Large defense contractors where smaller divisions are on the front lines and can make huge improvements in growing revenue from the large contracts you have
  • Smaller companies, particularly 8A companies that have a limited time to grow into self sustaining contractors
  • Government agencies who compete for work from larger government and commercial contracts
  • State and local government contractors who want to apply the same advanced business development principles to getting more work from your current customer base

Become less dependent on new proposals and more efficient at selling more to your current customers! This is proven to be the number one way to grow your company.