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10 Secrets to Selling to Government Contractors

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Learn Business Development for Federal Organizations from Seasoned Professionals

Are you challenged to sell your research products, your technical services, or your ideas within all the government mandated restrictions on business capture? If YES, then Asher Strategies offers a proven BD process including BD skills training to execute business development best practices.

If you are a FFRDC, Government Lab, or other federal agency, this training is for you. Revolutionize your business development practices learning from former senior DOD executives that have a track record of growing both government organizations and defense contractors. The principals and processes apply to all federal organizations!

  • Move your BD team from being “order takers” to being effective “discoverers” of new work
  • Recognize that your flavor of Business Development is somewhat different than all the commercial Sales Training Programs and learn what works for you
  • If you think sales coaching, interactive role playing, and scenario based business development will help, we are the right program for your organization

Need a business development consultant? ASHER Government Training brings you a team of seasoned business development consultants for Government  with a passion for helping businesses for rapid growth. Call us at 866-732-0363.

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Our training has helped these organizations exceed their business development goals while staying clearly within the regulations. You can too!

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