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7 Important Things to Cover in Government Sales Training

If you intend to get government contracts, then your business development sales team must be at the top of their game. It’s that simple. Competition for IDIQ contracts, tasks on those contracts, and other government work is high, and only those who know the world of government contract bidding inside and out are going to be able to succeed. Read More

5 Important “Product Knowledge” Areas to Cover in Government Sales Training

For many businesses, landing the next government contract is the ultimate goal. Many times, they are lucrative, long-lasting, and are well worth the extra effort in writing a winning proposal. Landing those contracts, however, requires more than a great proposal, you have to be “in” with the customer way before the RFP is released. That’s where “Government Sales Training” comes in. At Asher, we strive to simplify the customer relationship process with some simple business development techniques proven to work in both government and commercial businesses. Read More