Asher’s Secrets to Selling More to The Government – Part 1

For most in government contracting, success means winning IDIQ type contracts – and that’s exactly what Asher Government is here to help you do! Our in-depth government seminars and training courses for contractors can provide the insight you need to take your contracting operation to the next level and win more IDIQ contract bids.

If you choose to partner with Asher Government for government sales training, we can give you deep knowledge of our methods for closing contract deals, including…


Five Tips for Winning More IDIQ Contracts

1- Focus on top long-term prospects

There’s a lot of churn at government agencies, particularly at the lower levels. Focus on the players who have been there awhile and work them as long-term prospects. Even then, you’ll likely lose around 15-25% of your contacts each year, so consistent outreach, networking, and prospecting are necessary.

2- Research your contacts and their organizations

The more you know about your target and their department, the better you can precisely target their needs. There is truly no such thing as too much research, as long as you’re uncovering legitimate information. Always keep looking for new intel!

3- Find a coach

If you’re new to government sales, it can be overwhelming – and buyers won’t cut you much slack for not knowing the ropes. Finding the right coach to teach you the vocabulary, the processes, even the nonverbal signals, can make all the difference.

4- Build rapport to sell yourself

Your solution is only part of your sales pitch. What your prospects think of you can make a huge difference! If you build rapport and they genuinely like you, that could easily help you edge out the competition. Focus on making good first impressions, and always dress to impress.

5- Don’t just talk – Listen!

Too many salespeople spend too much time talking, and it only hurts their own chances. Leads and prospects want to feel like they’re being heard. Ask open-ended questions about their problems and processes, and genuinely listen to their answers. Don’t give canned sales pitches; make your pitch directly relevant to what they tell you about their needs.

Learn the Ropes from Asher Government

That’s not all – we’ve got even more tips for winning IDIQ contracts to share in the next blog. In the meantime, to set up your own government business development seminar, please contact Asher Strategies.