Asher’s Secrets to Selling More to The Government – Part 2

The benefits of government sales training through Asher Government run deep. Our trainers have combined decades of experience selling to the government and acting as consultants for up-and-coming contracts. We aren’t simply selling you a list of contacts – we know the strategies that work, closing deals and winning contracts.

An investment into training seminars will pay off for years to come, as the benefits of government sales training become clearer. For newcomers to contracting, in particular, our strategies can make the difference between success and failure.


Five More Ways to Close Government Sales and Win Contracts

1- Use strong marketing messages

Your marketing messages should focus specifically on the prospect’s needs. How will you solve their problems, optimize their systems, and provide ROI on their spend? Avoid spending too much time bragging, and never engage in hyperbole you can’t back up. Focus on them and their needs.

2- Provide memorable solutions

Newcomers tend to focus on their technology and spout a lot of statistics. Neither of these approaches works. Stories and videos are what your prospects will remember, particularly when those stories and videos are directly illustrating the solutions you provide.

3- Always improve your closing techniques

Even great closers can always get better. Keep training yourself to read their body language. Recognize when they’re ready to buy. Know when to walk away if they aren’t going to buy. Always seek to improve your tactics.

4- Create long-term relationships

We said in the last blog there was a lot of churn in government employment, and that’s true. However, the contacts you should truly treasure are the long-time career civil servants. Even if they change positions, keep in touch with them! You never know when they’ll have a need for your services or know someone else who does. Speaking of which…

5- Get referrals

So, few salespeople think of this. If a prospect likes you, and your pitch, but simply isn’t in a position to buy, they could easily know someone else who you can target. Referrals are almost always excellent leads since they’re hearing about you from someone they already trust.

Take Your Contract Bidding to The Next Level with Asher Government

Even a single seminar can help your organization and staff realize the benefits of government sales training. Take advantage of our expert knowledge – contact us today to begin the process!