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What Makes a Great Government Business Development Consultant?

There are so many government business development consultants out there, and every one of them wants you to believe that only their business development strategies will help you succeed. How do you separate the real gurus from all the wannabes? Read More

Seven Secrets to Getting More IDIQ Task Orders

For many government-focused businesses, the holy grail is the IDIQ contract: Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity. Use of IDIQ orders in the government have been increasing in recent years and securing one of these multi-million-dollar contracts can be the key to taking your operation to the next level. Read More

The Top 5 Mental Skills Every Government Business Development Professional Should Be Great At

Asher Government Business Development & Training is dedicated to seeing you build your business and garner those government contracts you need for success. With our combined decades of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. One thing we’ve learned, and stress in our training workshops, is that often what’s in a business development manager’s head is far more important than the tools in their toolbox. Read More

Tips for Effectively Training New Business Development Consultants

Training new business development consultants is a challenging task. It’s an intense, high-pressure job that requires a deep understanding of both the business or government agencies being targeted, as well as plenty of soft conversion skills. Also, top business development consultants have superior analytical and “trendspotting” skills, allowing them to be among the first to capitalize on new opportunities. Read More

5 Important “Product Knowledge” Areas to Cover in Government Sales Training

For many businesses, landing the next government contract is the ultimate goal. Many times, they are lucrative, long-lasting, and are well worth the extra effort in writing a winning proposal. Landing those contracts, however, requires more than a great proposal, you have to be “in” with the customer way before the RFP is released. That’s where “Government Sales Training” comes in. At Asher, we strive to simplify the customer relationship process with some simple business development techniques proven to work in both government and commercial businesses. Read More