Seven Secrets to Getting More IDIQ Task Orders

For many government-focused businesses, the holy grail is the IDIQ contract: Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity. Use of IDIQ orders in the government have been increasing in recent years and securing one of these multi-million-dollar contracts can be the key to taking your operation to the next level.

Asher Strategies Government Business Development & Training seminars take the knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years, and show you how to apply them to your own contract business development to sell more and grow. We know the strategies needed for IDIQ task order success.

These are the most crucial factors.

Seven Must-Dos for Securing IDIQ Contracts

  1. Optimize for speed and quantity

Your business development team must be able to constantly create high-quality task order proposals, and quickly. Quantity is one of the keys to success, as long as your opportunities are targeted. You won’t win every proposal you make, so the more try, the better your overall chances of winning new work.

  1. Have a designated BD proposal team – with a writer

Successful IDIQ task proposals come from teams who are accustomed to creating them. You should have designated personnel and resources focused on proposal creation. In particular, a highly-skilled technical writer is invaluable, a team investment worth making.

  1. Create a solid pipeline

Nothing about IDIQ contract execution should be ad-hoc. Your proposal process should be codified as a pipeline, which includes identifying opportunities, evaluating, and qualifying those opportunities, preparing the proposal, writing, and proofing. Follow up and modifications to meet the customer’s exact needs is critical. Ongoing communications will make tasks flow through your pipeline smoother.

  1. Have a manual

Everything about your capabilities and contract vehicle should be documented, including its features, unique aspects, rules, and processes. This should be read and understood by all members of the BD team. Everyone should be trained to recognize a task opportunity when the customer has a need. Having written training materials for new team members is invaluable.

  1. Develop secondary outreach materials

A website revolving around your contract vehicle can be a significant sales tool. If your target is interested, they will research you. A well-designed website dedicated to your vehicle sends the message that you are serious and qualified for the contract work.

  1. Keep other team members involved

Other internal operational company employees may be required for a new task, particularly if your opportunity target shows interest in a new area. The whole company should have access to your BD materials and staff, to ensure they’re ready to help if their input is needed.

  1. Be concise

Successful IDIQ contract task proposals are succinct, to the point, and pack as much information as possible into as short a form as possible. “Fluffy” language and needless superlatives will often turn the customer off and be disregarded. Know what the customer wants and give it back to them in concise language. If you can use their words, it’s even better for your success.

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