Grow Your Government Business Faster Than Your Competition

The competition to get government contracts – particularly the lucrative IDIQ contracts – is fierce.  There are entire industries built upon nothing but providing services to the many arms of the US government, and competition can be fierce to be among the winners.

The government sales training seminars we provide at Asher Strategies are about helping you build the skills to succeed, and grow your business even as others fail.  There are many key traits of a company which consistently grows its government businesses.  These are only a few of the skills we can teach you:

Top Traits of Growing Organizations Focused on Government Sales

  1. A Constant Capture Posture

There is no ‘down time’ in government sales contracts.  Even if you are already at 100% capacity, you should still be seeking to nail down every new contract you possibly can.  Should you ever find yourself in the enviable situation of not being able to get the work done, there are plenty of options -such as subcontracting- to increase your fulfillment capacity. One of the things that really hurts long term growth is the roller coaster ups and downs of work which happens when pressure for sales is only applied when you need the work.

  1. Don’t Limit Your Options

One of the biggest traps a government sales organization can fall into is being seen as a single-service company, only good at one specific function.  Avoid this, because it may mean an end to growth. Selling new things to your current customers should be about 15% of your revenue growth.  Seek multi-department, multi-service contracts and demonstrate your flexibility. Position yourself to provide as many services as possible, without losing the ability to deliver quality.

Harness the full power of your organization, not just one or two departments, to help expand your service offerings and be recognized as a reliable partner for many functions.

  1. Be Willing to Form Partnerships

Despite the fierce nature of the game, it’s sometimes inevitable that partnerships will need to be formed to fulfill a particular government contract or request.  Be flexible enough to allow this to occur when necessary.  Even if it means splitting profits, having part of the pie – and the internal contacts which go with it – is far better than having none.

4.Your Greatest Marketing Is Excellent Execution

Whatever the contract requires, see that it is done right.  The companies who get contract after contract, from agency after agency, are the ones who have demonstrated their competency.  Deliver consistently excellent results and you will become favored by your customers and the procurement officers.

Learn from The Best at Asher Strategies

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