How to Win More Government IDIQ Tasks

In our government sales training seminars at Asher Strategies, we focus on the prized IDIQ contracts, particularly getting more tasks on current contracts.  Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity ongoing contracts are among the most lucrative a business can receive from the government, and the ability to secure IDIQ new tasks is what defines many truly successful government contractors.

We want to teach you the skills your organization needs to consistently land those contract task orders – how to focus your proposals, how to get them in the right hands, and how to nail negotiations.  However, if we were to boil down the strategies, these are the attributes a company must have to succeed in IDIQ contracts.

The Top Ten Attributes of a Highly Successful Government Contractor

  1. Understanding all procurement rules, in the agencies you’re marketing to.  Bidders who don’t know the rules won’t even get a foot in the door.
  2. Leveraging those procurement rules, recognizing those regulations that give you a competitive advantage.
  3. Viewing the process from the agency’sperspective and always remembering to put their needs first during the bidding process. Listening is one of the major skills we teach.
  4.  Spotting the right opportunities,which you can both fulfill and excel at, to maximize your chances for future contracts.
  5. Building relationships,because government sales are very often based on “who you know” as much as any other factor.
  6. Influencing the decision-makers,knowing how to provide the right kinds of incentive to get the results you want.
  7. Maximizing giving the client what they asked for,by consistently submitting excellent proposals that ive them everything they want without needless fluff.
  8. Leveraging influencethroughout the bidding process, to make every aspect as favorable to you as possible. We teach you how to get the coveted “coach” so you can be sure you fully understand the customer needs.
  9. Countering competitors’ bidsthrough a variety of methods to show your approach superior in the eyes of the decision-makers.
  10.   Anticipating the process of negotiationsto avoid any surprises and to make them move as fluidly as possible for both yourself and the agency.

Asher Strategies Puts Government Contracting Success Within Reach

Asher Strategies has a legacy of excellence, showing companies how to best reach out to government agencies and secure more IDIQ contract task orders.  We aren’t simply bragging about our contacts within the government – we teach you the skills to cultivate and leverage your own contacts, forming partnerships, and building your company through excellence in services rendered.

Contact Asher Strategies today to take your growth to the next level.